Tai Chi - terms

Tai Chi Chuan --a system of slow, meditative exercises.

Yang -- the male, hard, positive aspect of any phenomenon. A harder movement.

Yin -- the female, soft, negative aspect of any phenomenon. A softer movement.

Chi -- vital energy, vitality, intrinsic natural energy circulating throughout the body.

Form -- in martial arts a sequence of movement laid down by the style, form each single change is also a form in that it contain a sequence of movements.

Greater Circulation
-- a route followed by the chi through the body and a focus for certain meditation methods. Sometime called larger heavenly circulation.

Dan-tian - A chi kung term in Chinese meaning elixir field or energy field. It is a space in his/her body where a practitioner focuses and accumulates his/her vital energy. There can be many dan- tian in the body, such as at the crown of the head, the solar plexus and the center of the palms, but if the term is used in an unqualified way it usually refers to the abdominal energy field.

Dynamic chi kung - A genre of chi kung exercise where bodily movements are obvious, as distinguished from quiescent chi kung where the practitioner remains in a relatively stationary position.

Heart - In Chinese the term heart often refers to what Westerners would call mind.

Meditation A training of the mind to reach different levels of consciousness. It also refers to a genre of chi kung exercises which emphasize this training.